In Vitro Human Systems


Cell culture systems are at the heart of our expertise and services. We grow human  cells in various culture media, both adherent and non-adherent (e.g. lymphocytes) type. We grow various established and primary human cells in our lab that represent human tissue systems. We offer all our assays with PBMCs and with human cell lines.

We are very experienced in non-human mammalian cells and will grow these in our lab to fit your need in preclinical research.

Cells currently being used in our laboratory:

  • Aortic smooth muscle cells (SMCs)
  • Lung epithelial cells (A549)
  • Embryonic renal cells (HEK293)
  • Hepatic cells (HepG2)
  • Cervical cancer cells (HeLa)
  • Placental cells (BeWo)
  • Retinal epithelial cells (ARPE19)
  • Neuronal cells (SY5Y)
  • Prostate cancer cells (PC3)
  • Lymphocytic cells (THP1, TALL1, BALL1)
  • Monocyte derived dendritic cells

We can grow other cells to meet your needs and customise an in vitro human cell study.

Translational In Vitro Studies

We use various human tissue systems to study:

  • Drug treatment impact on protein expression
  • Cell to cell interaction
  • Migration of cells
  • Cell attachment and spreading
  • Proliferation
  • Cell death and cytotoxicity
  • Functional assay using gene knockdown
  • Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction (MLR) Assays
  • Antigen specific T cell activation Assays
  • Macrophage polarization assays
  • T cell proliferation
  • Cytokine secretion profile
  • Cell surface marker expression analysis