• In vitro cell and tissue cultures
  • Immune response studies
  • Efficacy and functionality studies
  • Immunologic risk assessment
  • Immune assays/ Protein based assays
  • Cell line based studies
  • Primary cells/ PBMC based studies

Our services are based on CELL CULTURES for immunologic and immuno proteomic studies. We are very experienced in Experimental Designing and Immune Modelling and various assays can be customised with various readouts such as flow cytometry data, immunofluorescence imaging, absorbance data (ELISA, other enzyme readings), PCRs, mass spectrometry, etc. for cell characterisation, cell surface receptor analysis, cytokine secretion measurement, protein expression, gene expression, cell migration, cell adhesion, cell viability, cell proliferation, etc. We offer many assays such as M1/M2 polarisation, macrophage phagocytosis, ADCP, ADCC, T cell proliferation, Th differentiation, Th17 differentiation, T cell activation, DC maturation and activation, cytokine release assay (CRA), mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR), tissue damage, cell death analysis, cell viability, cell migration, co-cultures, etc.

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