• Immune Modelling/ Immune Response Studies
  • Tissue Damage Studies/ Immunologic Risk Assessment
  • Immune Assays/ Protein Based Assays
  • Tissue Cultures
  • PBMC-based assays and human cell line-based assays


Immundnz has a range of advanced immunoproteomics services. Applications include, amongst others, biomarker discovery, protein target identification, and inflammasome studies.


We model and analyse immune response to:
test the mechanism and effect of a therapeutic
test the potential immunological risk of a therapeutic
We are a specialist service provider focused in immunology and cell cultures for your needs in preclinical drug development. We specialise in the characterisation of cells and cell fluid (culture supernatant).
Our services are provided as assays carried out in our laboratory or through consultancy followed by in vitro or in vivo assays.
We use various cellular, immunologic and molecular methods to draw a comprehensive analysis of drug-induced immunogenicity. The methods are also provided as general or customised service for routine or specific analysis. We offer all our assays with PBMCs and with human cell lines.