Immune System And Assays

Immune System And Assays

Breaking down the concept of assays:

Through a comprehensive trial and error process, technological advancements have been made that have allowed for the development of processes that analyze substances to determine their composition, quality, and potential effects. Assays, essentially, embody this very principle of being able to record a response to a given stimulation.

Immune and inflammation assays, in particular, have been developed to better describe/understand the immune system as well as to monitor diseases in which the immune system is involved.

Immundnz’s Goal:

Immundnz is an immunology lab that focuses on providing solutions that ensure utmost therapeutic efficacy or safety at the preclinical stage.

Immundnz strives to model and analyze immune response to determine the following:

  • Test the mechanism and effect of a therapeutic
  • Test the potential immunological risk of a therapeutic

Immundnz believes itself to be a ‘CRO with a Difference’ since it uses customized immune assays as well as standard assays. At Immundnz we believe that unconventional needs call for the development of novel assays to meet specific tailored needs.

A few types of assays that Immundnz provides include:

Immunologic assays

Protein based assays

Bioanalytical assays

These assays are conducted using cell lines and primary cells and the use of cell lines in initial studies offers the advantage of minimal variability.

Uniqueness of cell line based approach:

Immundnz uses myeloid and lymphocytic cell lines for various immune response assays. The use of cell lines in the initial provides an unwavering reference assay. This uniformity offers a convenient starting point before one starts using primary human cells. Primary human cells are particularly disadvantageous to use in the initial stage as they can exhibit variability, are expensive and time consuming to work with, and often provide inconclusive and unanalyzable data and results.

What do Immundz assays help in determining?

Drug impact on protein expression

Cell to cell interaction




Cell death and cytotoxicity

Immune functional assays using gene knockdown

Lymphocyte functions

Cytokine expressions

Immundnz believes that assays have several applications in the field of immunology including some of the following:

Dendritic cell maturation

T-cell activation


Macrophage polarization

Cytokine secretion profile

Cytokine release

Opsonization and antibody dependent tumour phagocytosis

Immune checkpoint study

Mixed lymphocyte reaction

Immundnz’s COMPIT Approach:

Immundnz also has its own model called COMPIT that essentially translates to ‘A Human In Vitro Platform For Immune Response Studies’. COMPIT consists of various immune and protein assays that can be customized to an experimental model to study drug efficacy or immune safety. Thus it is designed as a preclinical platform that aims to study the interaction of human tissues with immune cells and drug impact on tissues.

Immundnz aims to develop an integrated and efficacious approach in order to promote advancements in preclinical research pertaining to the immune system and seeks to assist in promoting groundbreaking discoveries through the use of assays.

  • 06/11/2021


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