Immundnz is Supporting COVID-19 Testing and Research

Immundnz is Supporting COVID-19 Testing and Research

First detected in Wuhan, China, the coronavirus has now spread to almost every country in the world. Unfortunately, it is infecting a larger number of people every day and increasing the mortality rate as well. Today, when people and the governments have begun to panic about COVID-19, more preventative measures are being taken.

A person with COVID-19 infection is reported to suffer from cough, shortness of breath, cold, and fever while severe cases have reported pneumonia and organ failure. In some cases, it is impossible to diagnose any symptom of COVID-19 in a sufferer. No medication or antiviral drugs work to completely stop this deadly virus. Also, no vaccine has been yet prepared to control it. To stop the deadly malefic effects of the virus, many research centres are studying the virus intensely and working on research and development procedures to stop the coronavirus infection.

Testing for the Corona Virus:

In various countries, healthcare facilities are using Real-Time PCR Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Cobas SARS-CoV-2 Qualitative Assay Tests to confirm whether a person has the disease or not. The real-time PCR COVID-19 test can be done on nasopharyngeal swab or sputum sample. SARS-CoV-2 assay test is generally detectable in blood samples. Asymptomatic people who travel from a different country and have possible symptoms are being tested. These are in vitro diagnostics and are helpful to detect the presence of the virus in someone’s body.  

Research for Diagnosis and Treatments:

Various research and development centres around the world are working together to find a vaccine, diagnostic, and therapeutics for this novel coronavirus disease. Groups of experts from different experiences and backgrounds in the world are busy developing vaccines against this disease. Researchers are working together to facilitate a coordinated response to COVID-19 so that they can prevent the spread of this virus and avoid future pandemics.

How Does Immundnz Support in This Set-Up?

To research and develop any medication for COVID-19, it is important to first understand the adversity of the virus. We have several years of expertise and experience in immune response and in vitro human models and assays. Our immunology laboratory has equipment and facilities to adopt tested protocols and understand the immunology behind the COVID-19 virus. Our services can be really helpful for early diagnostics that play a significant role in identifying people who are at higher risks of cytokine storm that could lead to pneumonia.

Immundnz is also helpful for the study of asymptomatic coronavirus through our Cat-2 lab that can be used to handle qualified specimens of associated categories. We can ensure effective operational services. Contact us for more details.

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  • 06/04/2020


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