Emerging Needs In Preclinical Immunology Testing

Emerging Needs In Preclinical Immunology Testing

Experimental immunology is essential in developing therapeutics that are designed to modulate or exert an immune response for example in immuno-oncology. Understanding the immune response is also pivotal in assessing the impact of drug induced tissue damage, a major reason for immune risk. It is important to assess drug impact on tissue because it can cause acute cytotoxicity with organ failure and it can generate an immune response leading to idiopathic (chronic) pathology.

The industry is in great need of human-based preclinical immunology platforms. Non-human in vivo testing for drug efficacy testing or toxicology by-passes the translational problems that may be resolved by in vitro human platforms. The percentage of drugs failing at clinical phases for efficacy or risk problems from an immunology perspective is significantly high. With the right human in vitro immunology assays, these translational problems could have been identified at preclinical stage.

Immundnz can help and guide you through preclinical in vitro immunology testing, by generating human immunology data that can not be generated in non-human in vivo models. We have standard and innovative customized assays and models to facilitate and study the interaction of drugs with immune cells and drug impact on tissues and immune response. Our models provide flexibility in conditions that can be customized for efficacy studies or immunologic risk assessment. Our in vitro human platforms for (co-)cultures of human tissue and immune cells can be customised to different drug modules to test drug immunomodulatory mechanism and/or immunologic risks. This will aid in a better translation of preclinical results to clinical studies, which in turn will reduce investments in non-viable drugs.

You can contact Immundnz, a highly experienced immunology CRO offering high-end in vitro immunology services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, and other medical industries. Our team members are highly experienced in immunology, biochemistry and bioanalytical chemistry. We possess long years of experienced personnel working on several new drug entities of companies from different nook and cranny of the world. Contact for your requirement in preclinical immunology testing, today!

  • 10/23/2019


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