COVID-19 support

Immundnz is an R&D performing SME

During the COVID-19 outbreak Immundnz stands out as an immunology laboratory with the capacity to support in:

(1) COVID-19 testing for asymptomatic/Cat-2 compliant specimens, and

(2) research for the development of diagnosis or treatment.

Testing is of high priority and we offer our expertise, equipment and facility to adopt tested protocols in our laboratory to increase the capacity of Covid-19 screening.

We have various in vitro human models and assays that may contribute to the better understanding of adverse effects of Covid-19, more specific we have experience in research in lung cell biology and associated immune response. The combination of non-clinical human in vitro models with viral studies can speed up the process of understanding the immunology behind Covid-19 and we are very much willing to help you in this field.

Also we can be of assistance in the development of early diagnostics to determine patients at risk for excessive immune response and cytokine storm leading to pneumonia. Our lab is a Cat-2 lab – so we can handle specimens that are qualified for this category and we have implemented measures to ensure that operational services can continue without major changes or constraints.