Immundnz was founded through a British and Dutch collaboration by Dr. Masih Alam and Dr. Robert-Jan Lamers. We are located in the Netherlands and at the prestigious Alderley Park campus in Cheshire, UK, where we have an immunology laboratory to provide in vivo and in vitro based solutions. At the Alderley Park we access high-end facilities, professionals and a lively network of other life sciences companies. Laboratory work related to mass spectrometry and other analytical chemistry is carried out in the Netherlands.

Our strength is in experimental biology. We are different from other CROs because we can design and carry out experimental studies that are unconventional and beyond the scope of standard assays. We provide a range of standard and custom-made assays to biopharmaceutical researchers and professionals worldwide. We also provide in vivo solutions from within the Alderley Park site. With our experience and track record, you can rely on us as your unique partner in immunology and in vitro projects.


Immundnz has an entrepreneurial team of highly-skilled and qualified experts in immunology, biochemistry and analytical chemistry. The members have originated from a rich academic research background, bringing their experience into translation. Immundnz collaborates with many biopharma and business professionals of multinational pharmaceutical companies who have experience in preclinical and clinical drug analysis.


Director & Co-Founder

 info@immundnz.com+44 787 8279127

Dr. Masih Alam is co-founder of Immundnz. He has worked for over 15 years in both academic and business settings. In 2012, he founded ImmunoSYS, a biological consultancy company that has been working with industrial partners to develop the biologics market and standards in South Asia. Earlier in his career, Dr. Alam worked as a divisional director at the Alliance Francaise de Dhaka. He earned his PhD in immunology from the University of Manchester. His academic research in biological sciences focused on the fundamentals of immune response, autoimmunity, cardiovascular calcification, clinical microbiology and parasitology.


Director & Co-Founder
Bio-Analytical Chemist

Dr. Ir. Robert-Jan Lamers is founder of Immundnz. He has over 20 years of experience in preclinical research for drug discovery and development. He worked in the biopharma and CRO industry as well as in research organisations.  He founded the company Abundnz in 2011, which he developed into a solid analytical partner for biotech and pharma industries worldwide. He is member of the Advisory Board and Supervisory Committee of Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. Dr. Lamers is bioanalytical chemist by training and holds a PhD from the University of Leiden.


Principal Scientist
Protein & Cell Biology

Dr. Rawshan Choudhury, Principal Scientist at Immundnz, has worked in cell biology and protein research for over 15 years. She has used various human and other mammalian cells systems and molecular systems to study proteins. She has worked in numerous projects on different human disease systems to study the role of proteins in disease initiation or inhibition which has included ex vivo human tissue models. She earned her PhD in cell biology and biochemistry from the University of Manchester.


Immundnz is supported by an advisory board with seasoned professionals in tissue modelling, immunology, preclinical research and drug toxicology, analytical chemistry, mathematical modelling, business and capital development and entrepreneurship.


Immundnz is open to partnering with companies and individuals who are experts in various sciences and/or associated with businesses in the biotech and pharma industries. The company partners with its founding companies ImmunoSYS and Abundnz. Please contact us at info@immundnz.com.


Currently there are no vacancies available.
We often have placements available for students who have some experience in laboratory based biological experiments. Please enquire at info@immundnz.com.Contact us