We are currently carrying out a research to develop a platform that will enable the preclinical study of drug induced immunogenicity and the risk of immune mediated pathology. COMPIT, Comprehensive In Vitro Human Immune Response Testing of drug compounds, is a system of biological and analytical assays to study the interaction of a drug molecule with human tissues and assess drug induced adverse immune response that is generated through tissue damage. COMPIT is a preclinical system that can be applied to small molecules and large molecules. It integrates various immune and cellular assays available in our services currently and combines human cell lines, primary cells and 3D cultures to deliver an in vitro human cell-based immune system that recapitulates the in vivo human microenvironment.

The COMPIT Process

The COMPIT process begins with assessing drug-induced tissue damage in various human tissue models. Sequentially the system analyses various specific markers associated with the immune response against tissue damage and combines the immune maturation analysis to obtain a comprehensive immune response profile. COMPIT incorporates a mathematical system to score immunological risk and predict secondary pathology.


COMPIT fits into the current scheme of preclinical studies. It can be applied to:

  • Small molecule drugs
  • Large molecule drugs
  • Generics and biosimilars

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