We perform various immunologic and protein based assays that are needed in your research or drug development. These are provided either as standard assays or as custom designed assays.

We have a range of methods and techniques available, such as cell cultures, microscopy, flow cytometry, fluorescence and absorbance reading (microplates), Western blotting, immunohistochemistry and also mass spectrometry (for small and large molecules). We use these for:

  • Cell characterization (surface and intracellular marker expression)
  • Cell culture fluid analysis for proteins, metabolites, cytokines and other biomarkers
  • Cell lysate analysis
  • In vitro immune assays (also in vivo, please enquire)
  • Cell death analysis
  • Antibody applications testing
  • Tissue damage assessment

We use various human tissue systems to study:

  • Drug treatment impact on protein expression
  • Cell to cell interaction
  • Migration of cells
  • Cell attachment and spreading
  • Proliferation
  • Cell death and cytotoxicity
  • Functional assay using gene knockdown
  • Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction (MLR) Assays
  • Antigen specific T cell activation Assays
  • Macrophage polarization assays
  • T cell proliferation
  • Cytokine secretion profile
  • Cell surface marker expression analysis

If you would like to know more about these assays or about other assays in immunology or protein biology that we can develop for you please Contact Us.

In vivo and Ex vivo

We are highly experienced in murine in vivo work, bovine tissue explantation work and ex vivo assays. We collaborate with the Alderley Park in vivo facility. We can develop assays based on these systems within our premises to fit the purpose of your project. Please contact for more information.

Image, left: immunofluorescence staining of mouse pancreatic tissue