Specialists in Immunology Research for Drug Safety Analysis


Immundnz is a CRO specialised in immunology, immune modelling, immune response and tissue damage analysis, in vivo and in vitro cell culture systems for preclinical drug research and development. We are located in the Netherlands and at the prestigious Alderley Park campus in Cheshire, UK, where we have an established immunology laboratory. At the Alderley Park we access high-end facilities, professionals and a lively network of other life sciences companies.

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Immunology and Immune Modelling

We are experts in immune response and immunologic solutions. Our experience comes from years of experience in in vivo and in vitro immune modelling and protein biology in understanding disease mechanisms. We offer advanced support in immunology and in particular, cell culture based in vitro research. We have a service portfolio consisting of various techniques and methods. Cell cultures, immunologic assays, cellular and molecular assays, flow cytometry, histology, microscopy and mass spectrometry are amongst our core technologies. With these techniques we contribute to innovative drug development, diagnostics and life sciences research. We emphasise on the immune modelling of candidate therapeutics to help you design, test and understand the immune response.

In vitro systems

We are highly experienced in mammalian cell cultures and offer cell culture preparation, growth and analysis. We develop 2D cell cultures as well as 3D tissue models such as organoids and 3D microfluidic culture plates. We study the behaviour of drug compounds in in vitro systems.

Tissue Damage

Tissue damage is very central to inflammation and ‘immunogenicity’ and understanding tissue damage is pivotal to assessing immunogenicity and pathological risk. Any drug molecule has the capacity to cause unwanted tissue damage. The outcome of such damage would be the release of endogenous molecules to the immune system. An unwanted immune response may be generated from such signals that may progress into a secondary disease including autoimmunity. Immundnz offers expert services in tissue damage assessment.

COMPIT and Immunogenicity

Immunogenicity of drugs is a very serious issue and can lead to massive complications with financial loss. We bring new insight to this term from an immunology point of view. COMPIT, Comprehensive In Vitro Human Immune Response Testing of drug compounds, is our main product that studies the comprehensive immunogenicity of a drug. We are currently conducting an EU funded project to research and develop a platform that enables the preclinical study of drug induced immunogenicity and the risk of immune mediated pathology.